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  • Multiply your savings! [This weekend ONLY!]

    If you’ve been praying to Althea for a way to maximize your savings, then this weekend is just what you’ve been waiting for! From 21 July till 22 July 2359HRS (CEST), a 1 for 1 AND 2 for 1 combo promo is yours for the taking. Simply check out below how you can make the most out of your weekend:

    Team Dragon Nest on: 20/Jul/2018 Read more
  • Service Maintenance (Completed on 18 Jul)
    service-maintenance.png (579×116)

    Game Service resumed at 0514HRS. Happy Gaming!

    Dear Players,

    There will be a scheduled service maintenance on 18 July 2018 starting from 0400HRS CEST.

    The game service will be unavailable during this time and is expected to be resumed by 0900HRS CEST.

    We strongly recommend that you log out of the game
    Team Dragon Nest on: 17/Jul/2018 Read more
  • Your Summer Essentials have arrived!

    The time to soak up the summer sun is here and the Cash Shop has got you covered! Whether you need a ride that’s out of this world or the perfect outfit to make a splash, we’ve got it all for you to pick up this July. 

    Monthly Costume – Summer Costume 2018 – Life Guard 
    There is more than one way to
    Team Dragon Nest on: 11/Jul/2018 Read more
  • Could that sweet treat be a trap?? [Summer Event]

    What story has Kathy prepared for you this Summer? Taking out an old fairy-tale book covered with cookie crumbs, she turns to the story of Hantel and Gresel. 

    She reads:
    Once upon a time, there lived a little boy named Hantel with his sister Gresel; 
    Who lost their way in the woods – 
    And stumbled on a
    Team Dragon Nest on: 11/Jul/2018 Read more
  • Where have all the nests gone??

    Without warning, a cataclysmic event that wiped out a number of nests happened in a blink of an eye. It didn’t take long before everyone realised what had happened – hundreds upon thousands of countless nests have either been destroyed or altered forever. 

    Why? No one knows. Experience this new
    Team Dragon Nest on: 11/Jul/2018 Read more
  • Althea’s Speed demons UNITE!

    Take it one step further in your quest to claim the Labyrinth as your own from 11 July 0000HRS to 5 August 2359HRS (CEST)! Cement your place in the halls of Althea’s greatest when you blaze through the Labyrinth before anybody else to grab Rewards befitting your speed. Check out below what you
    Team Dragon Nest on: 11/Jul/2018 Read more
  • 19 Rewards for you to earn DAILY!

    Don’t stop to catch your breath this July when we’re coming at you with 19 Days of Rewards! From 11 July 0000HRS to 29 July 2359HRS (CEST), take part in July’s Challenge Marathon by completing the tasks during this event period to get treasure that’s rightfully yours. Get the game plan below
    Team Dragon Nest on: 11/Jul/2018 Read more
  • FOUR-Pronged Bonuses Coming your way!

    A quadruple-threat of events are coming at you this July to aid you against the enemies of Althea herself! From 14 July 0000HRS to 5 August 2359HRS (CEST), get all four awesome bonuses that’ll give you that edge you need. What’s exactly in store for you this month? Find out below! 

    Terms and

    Team Dragon Nest on: 11/Jul/2018 Read more
  • Game Patch (Completed on 11 July)

    Game Service resumed at 11:28HRS CEST. Happy Gaming! 

    Due to major skill balancing, the following classes skills have been reset:

    Archer, Sharpshooter, Acrobat, Sniper, Sentinel, Tempest, Wind Walker, Hunter, Silver Hunter, Cleric, Paladin, Guardian, Crusader, Assassin, Chaser, Ripper, Raven,
    Team Dragon Nest on: 10/Jul/2018 Read more
  • Unification of Powerstones and Additional Entry Tickets

    Dear Players,

    This upcoming July Patch, the Developers have introduced the Unification of Powerstones, therefore Low/Mid-Grade Powerstone can no longer be used and will be removed from all stores after the launch of the July Patch, 11 July.
    High Grade Powerstones will still be usable for use of
    Team Dragon Nest on: 03/Jul/2018 Read more

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