Through no fault of his own, suffering and darkness have followed him. Unlike the many that fall victim to their sorrows, the Assassin knows that only a cycle of pain awaits those who avert their gaze from Vestinel’s evil.

By embracing the darkness within and around him, this triumph has Awakened powers within him that goes beyond all previous limitations.

Evil beware – the Assassin’s talons await you in the darkness.



  • Beast Swipe
    Beast Swipe

    Chaos Formation is enhanced. Chaos Formation’s number of hits increases and recovers cooldown time of Phantom’s Avenger whenever the attack deals damage on enemies.

  • Flame Drag
    Flame Drag

    Retreats with a somersault and attacks enemies. The attacks that follow can be used while advancing forward or retreating to the back. A functional attack skill.

  • [Awakened Passive] Shadow Hand
    [Awakened Passive] Shadow Hand

    When a location other than the front part of the enemies is hit, Shadow Hand is enhanced.

  • [Awakened Passive] Burning Coal
    [Awakened Passive] Burning Coal

    Ash deals additional hits when Burning Coal is used.

  • [Awakened Passive] Counter Attack
    [Awakened Passive] Counter Attack

    When enemy’s attack is evaded with Tumble, attack power of certain skills that are used next are enhanced.

  • [Awakened Passive] Crippling Punisher
    [Awakened Passive] Crippling Punisher

    Crippling Punisher enhances Beast Swipe and can summon all Ash.


  • Crow Storm
    Crow Storm

    A skill that can only be used when enough successive skills have been used. It pulls enemies and charges forward to deal powerful damage.

  • Guillotine Cross
    Guillotine Cross

    A skill that can only be used when enough successive skills have been used. A bunch of Chain Sickles advances forward on the ground to attack enemies.

  • [Awakened Passive] Star Combination
    [Awakened Passive] Star Combination

    Additional Throwing Knives are thrown when Throwing Knife skill is used to gain skill resources.

  • [Awakened Passive] Chain Combination
    [Awakened Passive] Chain Combination

    Additional Chain Sickle is wielded when Chain Sickle skill is used to gain skill resources and it also has a chance of throwing additional Throwing Knives in succession.

  • [Awakened Passive] Edged Fan
    [Awakened Passive] Edged Fan

    Edged Fan returns and you will gain skill resources.

  • [Awakened Passive] Assassinate
    [Awakened Passive] Assassinate

    When Crow's Deadfall hits enemies accurately, Excess Chain is enhanced.

Light Fury

  • Chakra Grip
    Chakra Grip

    A simple front attack skill for Light Fury who had fancy skills but lacked simple attack skills.

  • Unseen Art
    Unseen Art

    Light Chakra spreads on the ground and reacts to certain skills to deal damage on enemies.

  • [Awakened Passive] Piercing Star
    [Awakened Passive] Piercing Star

    A simple attack skill that enhances Piercing Star.

  • [Awakened Passive] Charka Illusion
    [Awakened Passive] Charka Illusion

    Chakra Illusion’s functionality and attack power are enhanced.

  • [Awakened Passive] Quantum Trance
    [Awakened Passive] Quantum Trance

    Aerial teleport ability that can be used for survival and for following with other skills.

  • [Awakened Passive] Chakra Miracle
    [Awakened Passive] Chakra Miracle

    Healing ability is enhanced when Light Fury’s attack power is enhanced.

Abyss Walker

  • Abyss Claw
    Abyss Claw

    Continuously hits nearby enemies and also attacks some enemies behind them by shooting fangs.

  • Killing Wave
    Killing Wave

    Shoots a ball that hits enemies in front continuously.

  • [Awakened Passive] Line of Darkness
    [Awakened Passive] Line of Darkness

    Attack power is enhanced and you can return to the original position before charging.

  • [Awakened Passive] Illusion Strike
    [Awakened Passive] Illusion Strike

    While the skill is being casted, you can change the location and shoot one more time.

  • [Awakened Passive] Summon Shadow
    [Awakened Passive] Summon Shadow

    Shadow is absorbed to enhance oneself.

  • [Awakened Passive] Dark Conviction
    [Awakened Passive] Dark Conviction

    Ball of Fire remains on the ground to deal continuous damage on enemies and targets can be set to concentrate the attacks.

When you reach Lv90, go to Saint Haven’s Priestess of Darkness Mocha. You can get the quest ‘[Awakening] New Power Beckons’ from Mocha.

When you complete all related quests after accepting them, ‘Awakening’ tab will be opened in the Skill window [K] and you can use the Awakening skills.

Note: The following criteria must be fulfilled for you to take the Awakening quest:
- Assassin 2nd job change completed

Note: You can no longer get the quest from Merchant Fargeau.

Completing all the related Awakening quests will reward you with an [Awakened Costume Coupon]. With this item, you can then purchase the Awakened Costumes.

Assassin Awakened

The Divine Purge

Delve into the most villainous and treacherous hives in Althea and cleanse it with the blood of your enemies.

From , complete these tasks and claim Rewards fitting a true survivor of darkness. What are you waiting for? Your test of skill awaits!

Begin the Cleansing

Rune Dragon Nest has been updated with the 4-player Normal and Hardcore modeIf you thought that the Rune Dragon and her lackeys were challenging enough, try defeating them with only 4 of you and your comrades!

The 4-Player Normal and Hardcore modes are finally up on the Rune Dragon Nest, so mount a challenge of epic proportions with your best team!

Entry Info

4-player Normal

Entry Level
Number of Stages
4 stages
Number of Players
Clear Count
2 per week
Number of Resurrections
Life Stone: 5times

4-player Hardcore

Entry Level
Number of Stages
4 stages
Number of Players
Clear Count
1 per week
Number of Resurrections
Life Stone: 3times

Entry Gate

[Town] Saint Haven -> [World Zone] Garden of Time and Space (Lv93) -> [Entry Gate] Rune Dragon Nest

Entry Quest

You can get the quest ‘[Lv93][Nest] Tyrant's Palace 1’ from Saint Haven’s Traveller Free when you reach Level 93.


Fighting Dog Managarm

Meet the beast of flames and steel, Managarm. Armed with steely claws and raging flames, Managarm can rip through any armor of its enemies. This beloved pet of Mamon is a guaranteed victor of the arena.

Evil Knight Hrungnir

Hrungnir is a low Child who approached Mamon to satiate his thirst for power. With his talents in wielding the spear and summoning shields, he quickly made his name among the lackeys of Mamon and earned her favour.

Conjurer Volva

Volva is a master of ancient spells of poison and dark magic. He became interested in Mamon’s rune magic and shared his secret spells and earned Mamon’s favour and power. Blinded by his devotion, he deals punishment to those who go against his beloved master.

Greedy Rune Dragon Mamon

“What impunity… You will see it clearly for yourself. This power belongs to me and ONLY ME!”


Mission Title Rewards

You can get the following Titles from Rune Dragon Nest.
Check the conditions for getting the Titles at Mission window L – Nest!

4-player Normal Mission Title
4-player Hard Core Mission Title

Final Rewards

4-player Normal Final Reward
4-player Hard Core Final Reward

Ever had a weird desire to murder some ducks? Get Rewarded for fulfilling those desires when the [Desert Crazy Duck Event] opens during the Summer Season Event period !

Entry Info

How to Enter
Storyteller Kathy Complete the quest “[Event] Unbelievable Story of Desert Crazy Ducks”
Level Requirement
At least Level 93
Number of players
Number of entries
Once a day

Stage Goals

Crazy Duck Type Points
Yellow Crazy Duck +10
Blue Crazy Duck +20
Red Crazy Duck King +50
Dark Duck - 10
Dark Duck King -100

Kill Crazy Ducks to get the highest score possible within 120 seconds. (Skills are not allowed during the time limit)

When the final score is higher than 1501, the hidden boss will appear and you can get additional rewards by defeating it
(You can use skills on the hidden boss.)

Stage Rewards

Score Number of Coupons
Below 700 Cold Ice Cream!? x1
701 - 1500 Cold Ice Cream!? x2
Above 1501 Cold Ice Cream!? x3
When you kill the hidden boss Hero's Box x1
Gold Pouch x1
Cube Pouch x1
  • Reward box will appear based on your score and you will obtain rewards when you open the reward box.
  • A bonus reward box will appear when you kill the hidden boss.
  • Gold Pouch will be Rare, Epic, or Unique depending on the drop rate.
  • Cube Pouch will be dropped at a set rate.
Play Time Reward
5 min Cold Ice Cream!? x1
15 min Cold Ice Cream!? x1
30 min Cold Ice Cream!? x2
40 min Cold Ice Cream!? x3
60 min Cold Ice Cream!? x3

Play Time Event will be held during the Summer Season Event period (5th July 2017 to 2nd August 2017).

Too much battles ain’t good for even the bravest of Heroes, so chill out in our Sea Fishing Event! Trade your swords for a fishing rod and engage in a light-hearted battle to see who can be the Legend of the Sea!


  • Saint Haven East Gate Bonus Island Fishing Ground
  • Saint Haven West Gate Bonus Island Fishing Ground
  • Saint Haven South Gate Bonus Island Fishing Ground

What Is Sea Fishing?

Unlike Fishing in the Farm, this is a Fishing Tournament where you can only enter during the Event Opening Hours

  1. Characters above Level 24 who have acquired [Secondary Skill]-[Fishing Skill] can do Sea Fishing for 30 minutes in [Bonus Island Fishing Ground] for each account.
  2. Fishes caught in Sea Fishing will be accumulated in the Ranking and the top ten players who have caught the most fishes can get ranking rewards.
  3. Ranking will be calculated for each season and rewards will be sent to the mailbox at 9am.
  • *One season is divided into 2 parts. (Please refer to the schedule for more information.)
  • *Each account can participate for 30 minutes in one season.

Sea Fishing Event Schedule

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Running Time 5-Jul 6-Jul 7-Jul 8-Jul 9-Jul
9:00 - Reward for Fishing 1
10:00~17:00 7H Fishing 1 Fishing 1
23:00~05:00 6H Fishing 2 Fishing 2
Running Time 10-Jul 11-Jul 12-Jul 13-Jul 14-Jul 15-Jul 16-Jul
9:00 - Reward for Fishing 2 Reward for Fishing 3
10:00~17:00 7H Fishing 3 Fishing 4
23:00~05:00 6H Fishing 3 Fishing 4
Running Time 17-Jul 18-Jul 19-Jul 20-Jul 21-Jul 22-Jul 23-Jul
9:00 - Reward for Fishing 4 Reward for Fishing 5
10:00~17:00 7H Fishing 5 Fishing 6
23:00~05:00 6H Fishing 5 Fishing 6
Running Time 24-Jul 25-Jul 26-Jul 27-Jul 28-Jul 29-Jul 30-Jul
9:00 - Reward for Fishing 6 Reward for Fishing 7
10:00~17:00 7H Fishing 7 Fishing 8
23:00~05:00 6H Fishing 7 Fishing 8
Running Time 31-Jul 1-Aug 2-Aug 3-Aug 4-Aug 5-Aug 6-Aug
9:00 - Reward for Fishing 8
10:00~17:00 7H    
23:00~05:00 6H    

How To Enter Sea Fishing

You can only enter Sea Fishing through Saint Haven’s South Gate. Click [Bonus Island Fishing Ground] to see more information.

You will see how full the map is, the opening hours, and the rewards you can get.

If the event is ongoing, select a Fishing Ground to enter and click [Enter] to enter the Fishing Ground.

Sea Fishing NPC

You can get ranking information and buy fishing items at Sea Fishing exclusive NPC, Fishing King Salman, at [Saint Haven South Gate].

Sea Fishing Ranking

After talking to Fishing King Salman, select [See Sea Fishing Ranking] and you can see the ranking information.

Top ten players with the highest number of fishes caught and biggest total size for the season will get a special reward.

[Fishing Rod] and [Baits] that are needed for fishing are sold too.

Sea Fishing Rewards

You will get one of the items in the list below from “Returned Sea Fishing Event’s Pouch”.

Pouch from the Sea Contents

Pouch Contents
Epic Dragon Jade (Lv93)
Fortune Coin - Dungeon (100)
Fortune Coin - Nest (100)
Rare Gold Pouch
Epic Gold Pouch
Unique Gold Pouch
Magic Talisman Pouch (Lv93)

You will get one of the items in the list below from “Returned Sea Fishing Event’s Pouch”.

Get your hands what? Some Cold Ice Cream?! You read that right! Simply enter the Dragon Nest EU any time from 5 July to 2 August 2359HRS (CEST) and fulfil all the Play Time intervals to get yourself Cold Ice Cream in your Mailbox.

Play Time Reward
5 min Cold Ice Cream!? x1
15 min Cold Ice Cream!? x1
30 min Cold Ice Cream!? x2
40 min Cold Ice Cream!? x3
60 min Cold Ice Cream!? x3

From 5 July to 2 August 2359HRS (CEST), drop down to the Artbook Event to snag some sweet exclusive Summer Rewards! Simply head over to the event popup window (‘Menu > Event’ or press V) and prepare to use some [Cold Ice Cream?!] to participate!

Level Required Quantity Event Reward
1 Cold Ice Cream!? x10 Darkness Cube x1
2 Cold Ice Cream!? x20 Light Cube x1
3 Cold Ice Cream!? x30 Cube Pouch x1
4 Cold Ice Cream!? x40 Cube Pouch x1
5 Cold Ice Cream!? x50 Event Album + Cold and Cozy Hat
Cold and Cozy Hat | Participate in the event to see the item!

Get your hands on some sweet Exclusive Summer Treats in this season’s Summer Store! Check out all the items that you can pick up with your [Cold Ice Cream?!] when you visit Storyteller Kathy store in Saint Haven.

Reward Required Amount of [Cold Ice Cream?!] Note
Hero EXP Potion 100 30 Once a week / Lv93 only
Garnet 10 Once a day / Lv93 only
Superior Diamond 10 Once a day / Lv90 only
Hero's Box 20 Once a day / Lv93 only
Material Spirit (Magic) 10 Once a week
Summer Snowflake Necklace 25 -
Summer Snowflake Earrings 25 -
Summer Snowflake Ring 25 -
Summer Snowflake Chair 50 A mount that doesn't move!!