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DNP-Back Weekend: +100% DNP

Team Dragon Nest on:23/Feb/2018
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This weekend only from 24 February 0000HRS to 25 February 2359HRS (CET), spend ANY amount of CC in the Cash Shop and get it 100% back in DNP! 

- When GM Punch spends 5,000 CC during DNP-Back Weekend, he gets 5,000 DNP in return. 

- When GM Punch spends 66,000 CC during DNP-Back Weekend, he gets 66,000 DNP in return.

*Note: The DNP will be credited by 27 February before 2359HRS (CET).

Terms and Conditions:

• The Promotion will start on 24 February  0000HRS till 25 February 2359HRS.
• Gifting is considered eligible for the event. The sender will receive the DNP rebate.
Rewards are given per account basis.
• Rewards will be given based on the account used to participate in the event.
• The DNP will be credited to all eligible accounts by 27 February before 2359HRS.
• The DNP will be credited straight to the user account.
• All timings stated are in the CET time zone.
• Any character that has been banned due to infringement of game abuse policies during the event or reward period will not be compensated
• Any disputes will not be entertained 1 month after the date of accreditation of event rewards.
• Terms and conditions are subjected to change without prior notice.