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Tis The Season Of Giving At Althea!

Team Dragon Nest on:11/Dec/2018
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Kickstart the ho-ho-holidays with us! From 12 – 18 Dec 2359HRS (CET), simply spend 5,000CC every day during the event period to enjoy additional rewards from us! 

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(GM)Punch spends 50,000CC on 12 December and 13 December. He then spends 5000CC every day from 14 December to 18 December during the event. He will receive the following rewards after the event ends. Note: Must spend CC in the Cash shop to be eligible for the event.

- Lebrium Points(500) x35
- Iona Necklace x1
- Iona Decal x1

If (GM)Punch is a VIP player, he will receive these additional rewards after the event ends.

- Special Storage Ticket x3
- Engraving Scroll Collection (Armour) x53
- Engraving Scroll Collection (Weapon) x3
- Hope Flower Pouch (x12) x1
- Skill Up Heraldry Pouch x1
- Gesture – Heart of Love x1

Iona rewards will be given via Iona Coin. Iona Coins can be redeem at Marchant Ginny for Iona Cash Items
  • Iona wings - 200 Iona Coins
  • Iona Tail - 100 Iona Coins
  • Iona Decal - 100 Iona Coins
  • Iona Necklace - 200 Iona Coins
  • Iona Weapon - 100 Iona Coins each
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Terms and Conditions

The Promotion will start on 12 December 0000HRS to 18 December 2359HRS
• Gifting is considered eligible for the event. The sender will receive the bonus rewards.
• You can only receive the rewards once per Tier.
• Rewards are given per Character basis.
• Purchases made using DN points (DNP) are NOT eligible for this event.
• Rewards will be given based on the account used to participate in the event.
• Calculation for the total amount of CC spent is based on a per character basis. As such, purchases made by multiple different characters will be calculated separately even if those characters are under the same account.
• Moving Fox Hat will be credited on 9 January 2019.
• Crediting Date will be on 20 December before 2359HRS (CET)
• Rewards are credited via Special Storage.
• Rewards that are not collected and have expired will not be reimbursed.
• All timings stated are in the CET time zone.
• Any character that has been banned due to infringement of game abuse policies during the event or reward period will not be compensated
• Any disputes will not be entertained 1 month after the date of accreditation of event rewards.
• Terms and conditions are subjected to change without prior notice.