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Vintage-chiq is making a comeback!

Team Dragon Nest on:07/Jun/2017
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From modern-tech to a throwback of wardrobe’s past, the Cash Shop is broadening your options this June! Looking your best has never been this easy, so don’t leave without picking something up in this month’s best offerings! 

Native American Monthly Costume
Show some love or represent Native American pride in Dragon Nest’s latest costume! 
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2014 Summer Swimwear Package - Return Costume
Summer is back and this time, we’re winding back the clock to 2014 and taking an old favourite back from the past! This season, you don’t want to miss out on summertime’s classic Dragon Nest set!

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Machina, Assassin and Lancer class costume is not available for 2014 Summer Swimwear Package.

Dragon Box Update

Just because each box is a surprise, it doesn’t mean that you won’t know what to expect this June! 

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The Cash Shop is waiting!