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The Biggest Cash Shop Offering Yet!

Team Dragon Nest on:02/Aug/2017
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Need a reason to look fabulous this Summer? Look no further than what Dragon Nest Europe has to offer in one of its biggest collections to date! From wings, to spirits and even transformations, we’re stocking up big time, so get them while they’re hot! 

Monthly Costume – Billionaire Theme 
Don’t be surprised that looking like a billion bucks lands you a billion compliments too!
content-raymechanic-cashshop-01.png (520×466)

Return Costume Set – King of Flower 
Returning to the stage for one month only, feel royally pampered with this limited edition Costume Set!

content-raymechanic-cashshop-02.png (520×346)

Dragon Box Update
Be in for full of surprises this Summer when you eagerly anticipate what the Dragon Box has lined up for you in the brilliant month of August!

Elite Technician Package 
Exclusively for Ray Mechanics, this is a must have for any cantankerous firecracker.
content-raymechanic-cashshop-03.png (410×318)

Epic Costume Update (Synthesis) - Racing Costume Series

content-raymechanic-cashshop-04.png (520×340)
Greedy Hero’s Set
Greed isn’t always great, but it is good – especially when it comes to this Set!  

content-raymechanic-cashshop-05.png (520×452)

content-raymechanic-cashshop-06.png (414×414)

content-raymechanic-cashshop-07.png (520×500)

[Hero] Karahan

At the ripe ol’ age of 60, you can’t deny that Karahan still looks pretty darn good! Take on his form without needing to delve into forbidden magic only this August. 

content-raymechanic-cashshop-08.png (340×334)

Fantasy Pegasus [Mount]

With fur and a mane that sparkles your broniest fantasy into Althean reality available this August, there’s no better way of coming out of your brony closet. Spread those wings with pride, Adventurers! 

content-raymechanic-cashshop-09.png (484×408)

The time to pop by the Cash Shop is now!