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Get Fishin’ For Goodies!

Team Dragon Nest on:10/Jan/2018
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Prepare to take part in this awesome new minigame in all its Season 1 glory and stand to snag fantastic rewards! 

Event Duration : 10/1 to 7/2

What is Board Game Battle?

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It is a minigame that you can play only in towns. The player and monster will spin the roulette and advance based on the number on the roulette and battle using the attack power stats shown on the board.

[How to play]

1. Click on the Joystick icon at the bottom right side of the screen or open Event Window [V] and click “Start” button under [Board Game Battle] on the Minigame tab to open the game window.

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2. When the player spins the roulette by using [Roulette Ticket] in the Inventory, the player will advance on the board and attack the monster with the attack power shown on the board. When the player’s attack ends, monster’s attack will begin immediately.

3. You can get [Roulette Tickets] by clearing dungeons and nests.
4. There is a weekly entry limit for Board Game Battle and entry count will be reset every Saturday at 09:00AM.

5. Previous season’s [Roulette Tickets] cannot be used in the next season.
[Roulette Ticket Info]

 - You can store Roulette Tickets in the Server Storage, abandon item, or sell it at the store.

[Roulette Ticket Drop Location]

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[Game Screen and Basic Info]

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1. Player’s marker is gold and you can see the portrait, attack power, player’s name, and HP information on the left. Monster’s marker is red and its information is shown on the right.
2. When monster’s HP becomes 0, you will get Monster Kill Reward and another monster will appear.
3. When the player’s HP becomes 0 and dies, you can no longer play the game but you can use [Roulette Ticket] to resurrect.
4. Progress until you’ve died will remain and it will start again with the player’s turn to spin the roulette.
5. Monsters appear in 3 levels and you will get a reward for killing monsters of each level.
6. When you have killed all 3 levels, next monster will start again from level 1.

1. Click [See Rewards] button on the game screen to see the rewards.
2. There are monster kill rewards and level clear rewards.
3. The rewards will be sent to your mailbox.

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You can use [Board Game Coin] which is a Level 3 Clear Reward to buy special items from Storyteller Kathy.

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Try your hand at the Board Game Battle Season 1 today! 

Growing battle weary? Come take a break in our Sea Fishing Event where you can earn rewards and even stand to hold the prestigious title of [Legend Of The Sea]! 


Saint Haven East Gate ▶ Bonus Island Fishing Ground
Saint Haven West Gate ▶ Bonus Island Fishing Ground
Saint Haven South Gate ▶ Bonus Island Fishing Ground
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What is Sea Fishing?

Unlike Fishing in the Farm, this is a Fishing Tournament where you can only enter during the Event Opening Hours.
1. Characters above Level 24 who have acquired [Secondary Skill]-[Fishing Skill] can do Sea Fishing for 30 minutes in [Bonus Island Fishing Ground] for each account.
2. Fishes caught in Sea Fishing will be accumulated in the Ranking and Top 10 players who have caught the most fishes can get ranking rewards.
3. Ranking will be calculated for each season and rewards will be sent to the mailbox at 9am.
• One season is divided into 2 parts. (Please refer to the schedule for more information.)
• Each account can participate for 30 minutes in one season.

Sea Fishing Event Mechanics

Season begins > Enter Sea Fishing Ground (Timer activated) > Enjoy 30 minutes of Sea Fishing Tournament > Ranking > Rewards are sent when the season ends

Sea Fishing Schedule

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How to enter Sea Fishing

You can only enter Sea Fishing through Saint Haven’s South Gate. Click [Bonus Island Fishing Ground] to see more information.
You will see how full the map is, the opening hours, and the rewards you can get.
If the event is ongoing, select a Fishing Ground to enter and click [Enter] to enter the Fishing Ground.

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Sea Fishing Requirements

• Any player above Level 24 who has acquired [Fishing Skill] can participate.
• Just remember to bring along [Fishing Rod] and [Bait]!
• Also, empty your bag to store as many fishes as you can!

*You can acquire [Fishing Skill] and [Fishing Equipment] from Farm Manager NPC in front of the Farming Area by doing a [Quest].

Sea Fishing Rewards

You can get one of the following items from the reward pouch from the Sea Fishing Event.
For Dragon Jade, you will get 1 random Level 90 Dragon Jade.

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“Pouch From The Sea” Contents

You may get a pouch instead of a fish during Sea Fishing.
You can get one of the following items from the pouch.

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Additional Info about Sea Fishing

You can catch HUGE fishes in Sea Fishing.
You will see a special effect when you catch a big Sea Fish.

Q : How do I know how many fishes I’ve caught in the current season?
A : You can see a total size of the fishes you’ve caught on the right side of the screen.

Note: The total size shown is only for one season and it will be initialized when a new season begins.

You can get ranking information and buy fishing-related tools from Sea Fishing NPC “Fishing King Salman” located at [Saint Haven Southern Gate].

Sea Fishing Ranking

After talking to Fishing King Salman, select [Sea Fishing Leaderboard] to check the ranking.

Top 10 players based on the [number of fishes] and [total size of fishes] for this season will get special rewards.

You can also buy [Fishing Rods] and [Baits] from Fishing King Salman.

2018 New Year Event - Artbook

• Players can complete up to level 5 Artbook by using the event item obtained from the Artbook play time event.

• All 5 levels need to be completed to own the artbook picture. (50 coins are needed in total / 10 for each level)

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