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Burn with the fiery passion of Red this March!

Team Dragon Nest on:14/Mar/2018
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Make it rain blood with the fiery passions of Red this March! Don’t be fooled by even the cutest pets in Dragon Nest Europe’s latest Cash Shop offerings, because even from the cutest of critters to the deadliest of weapons, your latest wardrobe didn’t come to play. Fool everyone with your adorable demeanour and make them regret it now when you pick anything up from March’s Cash Shop! 

Monthly Costume – Mushroom Costume Theme
March’s monthly costume is everything you need to bring out ferocity with elegance and sophistication! 
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Blood Phantom Exclusive Costume Package
Step up your Assassin game and get yourself the exclusive March-only Blood Phantom Costume Package!
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Costume Synthesis Update - Sheriff's Costume Theme
To set down the law in Althea, you have to dress the part! Don’t go without Dragon Nest Europe’s Sheriff’s Costume in your latest raid. 
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Aisha Weapon Treasure Box

You’ve got her outfit in February, but now complete her look with Aisha’s Weapon! With a style unique to every class, get one for yourself this March! 

Sassy Hero's Golden Weapon Exchange Coupon

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Altea’s Gacha Box Update

Ruthless Fat Cat Medallion 
How can something so cute be so deadly? Find out when you pick a Ruthless Fat Cat this March! 
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Darling Deer
Althea’s latest pet will leave you in awe of its cuteness! There’s no use trying to resist its allure – you know you want it.
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