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The Green Dragon’s vengeful spirit returns!

Team Dragon Nest on:11/Apr/2018
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Like how a bright light leaves an imprint even after closing your eyes, Karahan’s bottomless vengeance refuses to die and has instead merged with the Nightmare.

While Karahan and his minions only exist now as an after-image, they remain as dangerous as ever and only you can sink your blade in the beast's throat before the mirage disappears!

Entry Info
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Main Characteristics

1. An environment for showing off [dealing abilities]

※ Developer's Comment: In [Green Dragon Nest Time Attack], what is more important than evading attacks and fighting the enemies is challenging yourself to deal the most damage amid the chaotic battle. In other words, it is not a “monster-focused battle” but “character-focused”.

2. A Dragon Nest for [conquering], a Dragon Nest for [challenging] yourself

※ Developer's Comment: [Green Dragon Nest Time Attack] has only one difficulty level but it is suitable for both hardcore and medium-core players. For hardcore players, the last stages will be a place for testing their strength and for medium-core players, the earlier stages will be a place for gaining strength.

Core Rules
1. Time Attack

There is a time limit for each stage, not the entire nest. When time is up, there will be 30 seconds of bonus time and it will be deemed as a failure to clear the nest.

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2. Stage Clear Resurrection

All players who are dead will resurrect when [stage is cleared]. For example, when 7 players in an eight-player party have died and the last standing player kills the stage boss, he or she will become the hero who resurrects all the other party members.

3. Number of Resurrections

You can use the new resurrection item Hope Flower to resurrect up to 25 times.
4. Growing Distrust

Whenever a party member dies, the whole party will get an attack power debuff that cannot be cancelled. The debuff can be stacked up to 5 times. Once one debuff is applied, the next one will only be stacked after 5 seconds.

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Entrance Area: Bishop Gaius

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※ There is no time limit or death penalty in the entrance area and it has no stage rewards.

Stage 1: Golem Morgon

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Stage 2: White-eyed Krakes

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Stage 3: Swamp Queen Zabel

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Stage 4: Sorcerer Karahan

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Stage 5: Green Dragon Karahan

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※ After crossing the valley where you meet the Green Dragon for the first time, time limit and death penalty will be applied when battle begins in the fighting area.

[Half-way Reward]

You can get the boss’s items as rewards when you kill each round’s boss in Green Dragon Time Attack.

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Other than the above rewards, you can also get Unique Grade Accessories at a set rate.

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You can use boss’s items at [Garden of Time and Space] > [Priestess of Darkness] > [Dragon Scale] store. With each item, you can buy cryolites needed for buying and upgrading Unique Grade Accessory.

[Green Dragon Clear Reward]

- You can get [Legend Grade Accessory] and [Unique Grade Dragon Jade] when you kill the Green Dragon.
- You can also get a [Green Dragon Mount] at a low rate.
- Set stats can be activated with Legend grade accessories.

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[Accessory Upgrade]

- When you clear Green Dragon Time Attack, you can get Unique/Legend Grade Green Dragon Accessories.

- These accessories can be upgraded using the cryolites sold at the [Dragon Scale Store].

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- Both Unique and Legend grade accessories can be upgraded up to level 3.

- The item cannot be upgraded anymore upon reaching the maximum level, but you can change the options using the Cryolite.

- Once you have achieved level 3 accessories upgrade, you may still consume Cryolite to change to other stats (Please be careful not to select the same existing stats )

- Basic stats and growth rate is the same for both Unique and Legend accessories.

- Legend accessories can be more powerful than Unique accessories with the set stats applied. 

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[Upgraded Green Dragon Accessory Specs]

- Basic stats for accessories that can be obtained at Green Dragon Nest have increased.

- Changes are as follows.

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[Changes in Green Dragon Reward]

- Legend Accessories dropped for 8 players has increased to 2 from the previous 1.