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Explore Have a Jelly good time in Lagendia’s latest dungeon!

Team Dragon Nest on:11/Apr/2018
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If you’re looking for an adventure you won’t soon forget, Dragon Nest Europe has got your back in this month of April! With the chance of swimming in a sea of sweet Jelly and an adventure in the latest iteration of Altea’s Continent Exploration, things are heating up in the land of Althea!

Hit the Jelly

“I’ve made up my mind – 
I’m gonna be a superheroine 
And instil hopes and dreams in Althea’s dear children with you 
My jelly good friend. 

Is it an unachievable dream, you ask? It doesn’t matter. 
When you change your mind and believe, I’ll be here – waiting at the Miracle Jelly Dungeon.” 
- anonymous. 

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Entry Ticket

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How to play

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Stage Characteristics

- Kill monsters that run randomly at you and get jellies.

A buff for the player or a debuff for the monsters will be activated whenever the gauge is 
- filled.


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Reward Characteristics

- [Royal Bacchus] appears at a set rate and gives bonus rewards.

- During the Treasure Chest Time, one of the three chests will drop the most 
amount of Item Protection Magic Jellies.

- Treasure Chest Time will appear only 2 times in one game.

Altea’s Continent Exploration

When he is not rambling on about a hound over his head, you will find some interesting tales being whispered by the street peddler Loffy. If his tales of swashbuckling adventures and sailing through the tumultuous seas are not just tales of a madman, then the only other conclusion is that the crazy beggar is none other than the ex-Pirate King! 

Seek him out and be the judge on whether these tales are true for treasures galore in the Altea’s Continent Exploration!
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You can get the following items that match your level when you open the “Gold Treasure Box” in Festive Treasure Warehouse Island.

Get these awesome items from Loffy’s treasure horde! 
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