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April’s offerings are what your wardrobe has been missing!

Team Dragon Nest on:11/Apr/2018
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A full spectrum of colours are at your fingertips this April at the Cash Shop! For all things you didn’t even know you wanted, check out below: 

Monthly Costume – Detective Costume
The perfect outfit to have when you’re trying to decide which enemy is going to face your wrath next!

20180411_news_img01_Costume.jpg (780×433)
20180411_news_img02_Costume.jpg (780×433)
20180411_news_img03_Costume.jpg (780×433)

Engraving Scroll Collection
Back for one month ONLY, enhance the stats of your favourite equipment now! To find out how you can use this for yourself, check out the following link: http://dragonnest.eu/professork#engravingsystem

20180411_news_img04_EngravingScroll_EN.png (258×78)

Face Types

Who needs plastic surgery when a new look in April’s Cash Shop is this easy?? 

20180411_news_img05_NewFaces.jpg (780×620)

Hope Flower

If you thought you could resurrect normally when facing the Green Dragon, you are unfortunately mistaken. It takes more than just the ordinary – it takes hope. Take advantage of the Hope Flower in your adventures in Green Dragon today!

20180411_news_img06_HopeFlower.jpg (258×78)

Dragon Box Update

It’s a wing-tastic April when you join in the fun and take your chance at grabbing what’s in store!

Clear Sky's Dark Red Armour Set

It’s clear to see that darkness cloaks the skies!
20180411_news_img07_ClearSkyArmour.jpg (780×500)
Dryas Spirit
10 Points to Gryffindor if you know where this spirit is from!

12513s0.jpg (225×293)

20180411_news_img08_CashSpirit.jpg (780×420)

Pop by the Cash Shop today!