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Visit The Bustling Merca’s Port!

Team Dragon Nest on:11/Oct/2018

Merca’s Port which used to be behind closed doors in fear of Childs, is now fully open! Now it has become more vibrant and bustling with many people visiting the area!

Now there is a new portal in Merca’s Heart that allows you to go to Merca’s Port easily. You no longer need to secretly collude with Captain Hector to get to Merca’s Port!
※ You can enter the new Merca’s Port when you take the new quest in the Garden of Time and Space.

Q. Can players who have not taken a lot of main quests yet enter Merca’s Port too?!
A. Yes!

Captain Hector in Merca’s Heart will help you go to the new Merca’s Port.

※ However, entering the new Merca’s Port after completing the main quests will allow you learn the backstory and enjoy the game more.

※ After you have decided to open up Merca’s Port, it cannot be reverted so please decide carefully.

Garden of Time and Space Renewal Quest – The Second Story

The guardian’s power that was holding up precariously slowly began to erode. No one realised that the heart of a dragon who tried to embrace Althea was breaking...

Once distorted, the space rapidly crumbled and the vanishing memories inside are now filled with silvery tears.

Traveller Free says there seems to be a new Nest. However, the Nest cannot be detected at the Garden of Time and Space this time. Find Traveller Free and find out what is going on.

※ Only the players who have completed all main quests can take this new quest.