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The Best Hero Tournament Has Returned!

Team Dragon Nest on:11/Oct/2018

The Best Hero Tournament where players battle purely based on their own strength has returned. This time, the rewards have been upgraded!
Anyone who is at least Lv93 can participate to become the Best Hero!

※ Stats of participants will be balanced.
Entry Ticket has been added.
   - You need entry tickets to enter Best Hero Tournament.

Limit on the number of clears has been changed to 31 times a week.
Entry Ticket
 You can get the ticket by clearing 5 Daily Tasks.
 You can get up to 1 ticket each day.
 Best Hero Tournament Entry Ticket is required to enter Best Hero Tournament.

Entry Info
Level Requirements : At least Level 93
Entry Route : You can enter from any Saint Haven gate.
Number of Players : Up to 4 players
Entry Ticket : Best Hero Tournament Entry Ticket x1
Clear Limit : Up to 31 times a week
Resurrection Limit : 3 times

How To Play
■ Goal: Fight against monsters handpicked by the royal palace officials and emerge victorious!

■ Rules: 
- User's HP and MP are recovered when each round is cleared.
- Stage ends when all players die.

■ Reward Conditions:
- Normal Treasure Chest : Clear Boss Stage Round 3
- Hidden Treasure Chest : Clear Boss Stage Round 4

※ Players will resurrect automatically when Round 3 and Round 4 bosses are killed.
※ User stats are balanced in Best Hero Tournament.
※ Heroes and potions cannot be used.

- After clearing Round 3, party leader can choose whether to go on to Round 4 or leave.
- Stage entry count will be taken after Round 3 is cleared.
- You can get rewards from the treasure chest after clearing Rounds 3 and 4.

Best Hero Tournament Entry Ticket
- Daily Task : You can get [Best Hero Tournament Entry Ticket] by completing [Clear at least 5 Daily Tasks].

Best Hero Tournament Rewards:
- Cassius Royal Family’s Boom Boom Drink
- Polished Garnet (Enhancement)
- High Grade Essence of Life
- Spera