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Challenge The All New Trial Nest!

Team Dragon Nest on:07/Nov/2018

Gather your companions and take the real challenge of the all new Trial Nest. A new arena of adventure has opened for heroes who are challenging the Labyrinth. 
Trial Nest opens only once a week and heroes who can overcome the extreme trial will win fantastic rewards!

Trial Nest At A Glance

1. From playing [Trial Nest] once, you can get from 20 to 40 times more valuable rewards depending on the difficulty level compared to playing [Fission Nest] of the same level! 

2. You can only enter in a raid party of 6 players.

3. You can only ENTER once a week. That means entry count will be taken immediately after you enter and you cannot enter again when you give up halfway. 

4. The ratio of Monster’s HP per single player in [Fission Nest] will be fixed at [ 600% → 420% (HP for each player: 70% - same as 4-player Fission Nest) ].

5. [Trial Effect] will appear randomly during battle to challenge the players!

6. HP and MP will not be recovered when you clear the stage.

7. You can get [Dimension Rock] buff.

8. Like 8-player Nests, you cannot use recovery potions and elixirs.

Entry Information

Trial Effect Details
1. Trial effect will be assigned randomly for each stage and it will not change until the stage ends.

2. Trial effect appears at a regular interval during battle. The interval will be reset each time an ordeal effect appears. 

3. Trial effects are usually [hindrance effects] that make battle uncomfortable, but some effects may deal direct damage.

4. Trial effects are not related to monsters in battle and will affect players independently.