As a countermeasure in the event of his own corruption, Rubinart hid the location of the Chalice of Healing in Meriendel’s urn. Following these clues, the squad is led to the beautiful tropical island of Chiron Island, located West of Merka.

Without Rubinart, the Anti-Goddess Faction must turn to their only hope – Grelle Unfortunately, the continuous jewel absorption in an unstable state has only worsened his condition Hungry wolves from the deepest darkest regions of the shadows have smelt their opportunity and are plotting their emergence.

Ward off the forces of Mistland that seek to undermine your quest – Protect Grele and find the Chalice of Healing!

Entry Info

Saint Haven, [ Gate of Boundary ]
- World Zone [ Merca's Heart ]
- Entry Gate [ Chiron Island ]
Level Entry
At least Lv93
Party Size
1 ~ 4 players
Entry Ticket Item
Weekly Clear Limit
Resurrection Limit
[Lv93] Ash Casket's Key
Priestess of Darkness Mocha

Stage Details



Shiny white sand and emerald sea, beautiful tropical trees along the beach…
Once you set foot on this island, there is no guarantee you can return alive.
There is a secret hidden deep inside the island,
and you have to pass through the beach to get there.

Boss: Beach Tyrant Sharpelier

A ferocious tyrant who terrorizes the beach.
He is under Child Hirendel, the lord of Chiron Island, and is in charge of the beaches.

His vicious nature keeps the beach creatures in the area under control.


There used to be humans living on Chiron Island.
It’s just that it became uninhabitable for them now…
The old and wrecked wharf at one end of the beach testifies this fact.
Broken and decrepit, it no longer acts as a wharf like it used to,
but it clearly shows that humans on this island used to trade with the main continent in the past.
However, it is cluttered with debris now and reminds people of the wretched past.

Boss: Brainwashed Chief Guard Cantulas

One of the survivors of Hirendel’s human massacre.
Most humans failed to escape the wharf and were brutally murdered,
and Hirendel resurrected them with magic.
Being neither fully alive nor dead, they roam the island and protect Hirendel’s land now.


Hirendel, the lord who rules the island, is a Child who loves plants and animals.
He treats Phantom Forest like his personal garden and devotes much attention to it.
After driving the humans away, nature has returned
and the only signs of humans left now are their relics.
It is a magical forest where exotic creatures of nature can be found.

Boss: Wild Beast Hanuman

Master of monkeys and the ruler of the forest.
He is one of Hirendel’s favourite pets.
As a gardener who tends to Hirendel’s garden, he resides in Phantom Forest.


A city that used to exist before the humans hurriedly left the island.
It’s not that big but it is evident that the ancient city used to bustle with life.
After the residents were chased away by Hirendel,
it is now an empty shell left with nothing inside.

Boss: Ancient City’s Guardian

A guardian created with alchemy to protect the city and the residents.
With its master gone, it remains in the rubbles of the city, with only the instinct to keep intruders out left in him.


Normal/Master Reward

Abyss Reward

Mission Title Reward

You can get the following Titles in new dungeons.
Check the conditions at Mission window > Dungeon (Normal) > Dungeon > Merca's Heart !


Whether you’re in Mistland or Althea, escaping death is what all people long for.

The power of everlasting life would make anyone like the Goddess - the question is, which Goddess? Will the presence of such a power prove to be a blessing or a curse?

As a giant mythical creature resembling a bird engulfed by fire and eternally fueled with the ability to endlessly repeat the cycle of life and death now roams the land with murderous intent, you decide. Blessing or curse?

The Phoenix Lavanox has returned, so what shall you do about it?

Entry Info

Entry Level
Above Lv95
Party Size
1~4 players
Weekly Clear Limit
Normal - 3 times/ Hard Core 3 times
Resurrection Limit
Normal - Unlimited/ Hard Core - 3 times
[Lv95] [Nest] Center of Flames


Saint Haven > Garden of Time and Space (Lv95) > ‘Heatwave Volcano’ Gate


[Normal Reward] You can get Elevation Cube from Gold Chest after clearing the stage.

[Hard Core Reward] You can get Elevation Cube from Gold Chest after clearing the stage.
One Harmony Cube will be dropped per player with specified ownership.

Obtaining Level 95 Equipment

Example of Level 95 item conversion

Grade How to get Note Trade/Bound
Epic Level 95 Abyss Stage New Nest (Normal difficulty Level) Can trade/Can store in Server Storage
Unique Craft by using Rune Dragon Unique Equipment Enhancement level is inherited / Options remain Cannot trade/Cannot store in Server Storage

Powerstone Tool Tip

  • You need [Each Grade’s Powerstone] to enhance Level 95 item.
  • High grade items require all lower grade Powerstones.
  • You can get Powerstones from new Level 95 Nests’ [Normal and Hard Core] difficulty and a new difficulty level that will be available for Legend users.
  • With this, we have intended for more contents to be consumed when higher grade items are equipped.
  • * Powerstones are divided into [Weapon Powerstone] and [Armour Powerstone].
  • * There are [Low Grade , Mid Grade , High Grade] Powerstones and all Powerstones except for Low Grade ones cannot be traded or stored in Server Storage.
  • * High Grade Powerstone will be updated in October update.
  • The joy of equipping with equipment items and secondary items
  • All secondary items will also undergo a change following the new structure.
  • We are focusing on giving the [joy of equipping] and I would like to explain a few big changes regarding this.
  • Additional options occurrence rate for Heraldry and Talisman increases.
  • Firstly, the rate of additional options occurring in Heraldry and Talisman will be greatly increased.
  • With this, players will have higher expectations on Heraldry and Talisman and the value of additional options would also have enough merit.
  • For Heraldry, it has to be crafted from Plates for the additional options to appear.
  • Dragon Jade – Range of selection has been widened with various options.
  • Secondly, it is about Dragon Jade.
  • With the removal of Dragon Jade Enhancement, it will no longer be sorted based on Critical and Vitality options alone.
  • Various other options including Attack Power and Critical Damage would also be offered to meet users’ individual needs.
  • All Dragon Jades will be provided through exclusive contents.
  • * Exclusive Dragon Jade contents will be revealed in a future update.