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The incarnate of Althea’s nightmare, the Spirit of Death has infected the Garden of Time and Space with the Slayer’s Poison.

Enemies of nightmare’s past have been infected, equipping them with strength and equipment that makes them stronger and more vicious than ever imagined! Defeat them to protect the land of Althea and loot new powerful equipment too!


As the Goddess awakens from her slumber, the Land of Althea is beginning to unravel a strange evil.

With the bonds between dimensions growing weaker and more unstable, it is no longer just mere creatures emerging from the nightmare, but something more sinister altogether.

The incarnate of the Goddess’ Nightmare itself, the Spirit of Death clawed its way into this dimension through the Garden of Time and Space; desecrating everything in its wake with the Poison of Corruption.

All who did not perish awakened a “Slayer Mode,” making them emerge stronger – faster – deadlier.

Enter through the Mistlands, Adventurers of Althea! From there, collect the mythical Slayer Shards by rising above the Slayer’s Testing Ground. Only then will you prove your worth to stand against these titans of darkness and claim treasures befitting your prowess!

General Info

Slayer Mode is a new mode with various difficulty levels added to the existing Nest stages. Choose a suitable difficulty level for yourself in Slayer Mode and you can play each boss stage separately. Kill the boss of each stage and collect the Legend Equipment that you can only get in Slayer Mode.

Slayer Mode Characteristics

  • 1~2 players
  • Play each Nest boss’s stage
  • Normal/Master/Abyss Difficulty Levels added for Nests

Nests with Slayer Mode

  • Counterattacking Manticore Nest
  • Returned Archbishop Nest
  • Daidalos Nest
Entry Level:
Lv 95 and higher
Party Size:
1~2 players
Difficulty Levels:
Entry Restrictions:
Slayer Mode Entry Ticket and 60 FTG
Resurrection Limit:

You cannot use Minion abilities in Slayer Mode.

Entry Gate

You can enter Slayer Mode by entering the Nests that have Slayer Mode.
- Saint Haven -> Garden of Time and Space (Lv90) -> Slayer Mode Nest Gate

You can see the “Slayer’s Banner” in front of Nests with Slayer Mode.

How to enter

Unlike normal Nests, you can select the stage and difficulty level in Slayer Mode.
- Click on 4-player Nest then select “Slayer Mode” tab -> Select Stage/Difficulty Level


Slayer’s Testing Ground

To enter Slayer Mode, you need ‘Slayer Mode Entry Ticket’.
‘Slayer Testing Ground’ is a sure place to get the Entry Ticket quickly.

Entry Level:
Lv 95 and higher
Party Size:
1~2 players
Active Difficulty Level:
Entry Restrictions:
180 FTG
Resurrection Limit:
Entry Gate:
Merca’s Heart World Zone -> ‘Slayer’s Training Ground’ Gate


  • - Slayer Shard, a fragment of ‘Slayer Mode Entry Ticket’ will be dropped when you defeat the monster in Slayer’s Testing Ground.
  • - You can exchange 10 Slayer Shards for one Slayer Mode Entry Ticket.
  • - There are Slayer Shards that can be traded or cannot be traded.

Exchanging for Entry Ticket

Take 10 Slayer Shards to Saint Haven’s Divine Knight Elijah and you can exchange them for one Slayer Mode Entry Ticket.

  • 1 Talk to Divine Knight Elijah
    (In front of Garden of Time and Space)
  • 2 Select [Slayer Mode Store]
  • 3 Select ‘General Stock’ tab

Additional Contents: Slayer Points

Apart from items dropped by Slayer Mode’s boss, you can also collect Slayer Points to get Slayer Equipment.
Slayer Points are dropped by bosses in Slayer Mode.

- You can check your points at : Character Info (P)-> Points -> General Point -> Slayer Point.

Slayer Points Store

You can enter Slayer Points Store by talking to Saint Haven’s Divine Knight Elijah.

You can get Slayer Equipment, Enhancement Hammer, and Slayer Points in Slayer Mode.

You can get different Armour item in each Slayer Mode.
Go to Equipment Collection > Slayer Equipment > Location to see which items you can get in each Slayer Mode.

  • 1. Exclusive Slayer Equipment
  • - You can get new Legend Grade Armour in Slayer Mode.
  • - You can get different Armour items in each Slayer Mode.
  • - Additional enhancement (Tier upgrade, enhancement, evolution) cannot be done on Slayer Equipment, but they basically have Lv95 Tier 1 +20 Enhancement Level Legend grade item’s stats.
  • - You can buy the equipment from Divine Knight Elijah by using Slayer Points attained in Slayer Mode.
  • - When you buy the item, it will be exclusively for 2nd specialization job and special features will be added to Slayer equipment in future updates.
  • The changes will be applied automatically for items obtained in the past.
  • 2. Enhancement Hammer
  • - Epic, Unique, Legend Grade item is added.
  • - It is an item that allows enhancement without Gold or materials.
  • - There is no penalty like drop in enhancement level or item destruction when enhancement fails.
  • - Right click on the item in the inventory in town to use.
  • - Success rate will be different from enhancing the item through the Blacksmith.
  • - Each Enhancement Hammer can enhance items of lower grade than itself.
  • Epic Enhancement Hammer : Epic equipment enhancement
  • Unique Enhancement Hammer : Epic/Unique equipment enhancement
  • Legend Enhancement Hammer : Epic/Unique/Legend equipment enhancement

Slayin’ Equipment For Slayin’ Adventurers


Whether you’re in Mistland or Althea, escaping death is what all people long for.

The power of everlasting life would make anyone like the Goddess - the question is, which Goddess? Will the presence of such a power prove to be a blessing or a curse?

As a giant mythical creature resembling a bird engulfed by fire and eternally fueled with the ability to endlessly repeat the cycle of life and death now roams the land with murderous intent, you decide. Blessing or curse?

The Phoenix Lavanox has returned and it’s turning up the flames in Hell, so what shall you do about it?

Entry Info

Entry Level:
Lv 95
Party Size:
1~4 players
Difficulty Level:
Weekly Clear Limit:
3 times
Resurrection Limit:
1 time
Entry Gate:
Saint Haven -> Garden of Time and Space
(Lv95) -> ‘Heatwave Volcano Nest’ Gate


Hell Difficulty Rewards After clearing the dungeon, you can get an additional 45 Gold.

Changes in Hard Core Rewards Legend grade weapon/armour enhancement stone will be dropped in Hard Core difficulty.


Limit Break Nest

Those that have tasted the sweet fruit of hard labour
never settle for the achievements they have made.
They constantly test themselves to go higher and higher.

For Adventurers who long for a more treacherous journey,
the ordeal of Level 93 Nest that they have once conquered has returned!

General Info

Entry Level:
At least Lv93 (Lv95 is recommended)
Party Size:
Saint Haven -> Garden of Time and Space (Lv95) -> 4 o’clock direction
Weekly Clear Limit:
1 time
Resurrection Limit:
3 times


  • - Limit Break Nest is a special nest where you can only get Nest Points.
  • - You can use Nest Points for obtaining and evolving Dragon Jades.
  • - You also stand a low chance to get Magical Accessory Box which contains Unique Grade Accessory.
  • You can only clear each nest once a week.

Best Hero Tournament

has returned as a 4-player mode!

[The Best Hero Tournament] where players get to use only their fighting skills to compete has returned as a 4-player mode. Now there is less burden than the 8-player mode and more people can access [The Best Hero Tournament]! Anyone who is at least Level 93 can feel free to join in!

*Stats of participants will be balanced for 4-player mode too.


1. Party Size
From the previous 8 players, now the number of players has changed to 4 players.

2. Entry Gate
You can enter from any of the gates in Saint Haven. You cannot enter from Wonderful Theme Park World Zone

  • Entry Level: At least Lv93
  • Party Size: 1~4-player
  • No. of Clears: 2 times per week
  • Resurrection Limit: 3 times
  • You will resurrect automatically when you clear Round 3 and Round 4 bosses

How to play

You have to fight against monsters that were carefully chosen by the royal palace officials, General Douglas, Court Sorceress Kayleen, and Duke Stuart, and win. The last winner will get precious treasures from the royal palace as a reward.

But be careful! The royal palace officials can help you but also try to mess things up.

When the battle ends, Sanders will give you a chance to pick “something special” that he has prepared for everyone.


Solve the Althe's Halloween Mystery

The town seems a little more eerie than usual.

Rumour has it that the endless raiding of tombs by the grave robbers has made the angry ghosts appear in town.

The Royal Palace has sent a search team of orcs to catch the grave robbers but they found no traces of the elusive thieves.

Now it’s time for Detective Gobby to step in.

Enter Stage

To catch the robbers, you need to enter the < Graveyard of Angry Ghosts >.
(For Layer 2 : From October 2017 to November 2017 update)

How to enter : Take the quest from Storyteller Kathy
Number of entries : Once a day
Level requirements : Level 90 and above

How to play

You will turn into Detective Gobby when you enter the stage.

Hair, Costume, Tool

You need to collect evidences to find the culprit. (Time limit: 3 minutes)

Collect Evidence

You need to find the Pumpkin Box using the Heartbeat.

You can find evidence that the culprit has left behind when you open the box.

However, the box may also contain useless items so don’t be fooled.

Sighted Culprit

The culprit is currently somewhere in the graveyard. However, catching the culprit alive is too difficult for slow Gobby.
Catching a glimpse of what the culprit is wearing would be good.

However, those who are not grave robbers are also around so be focused.

Point out the culprit based on the evidence you’ve collected.

  • If you choose correctly, you will get one < Confession Letter > and three < Ghost's Treasure Chest Key >.
  • If you choose wrongly, you will get one < Complaint Letter > and one < Ghost's Treasure Chest >.
  • If you don’t choose anyone, you will not get any rewards.


After choosing the culprit, you can open Ghost's Treasure Chests nearby to get rewards.
To open them, you need < Ghost's Treasure Chest Key>.

Ghost’s Eerie House (Mount)

Ghost’s Eerie House is a mount that does not move.

Items you can get from the treasure chest

Ghost's Amenity Pouch 100%
  • - Sweet and Sour Eyeball Candy x 3 (10 Days)
  • - Magical Spider Web Jelly x 3 (10 Days)
  • - Crispy Fried Bat x 3 (10 Days)
  • - Everlasting Pumpkin Pie x 3 (10 Days)
  • - Ghost Potion x 10 (10 Days)
  • - Pumpkin Ghost Potion x 10 (10 Days)
  • - Halloween Fireworks x 10 (10 Days)
  • You will get one of the above.
Ghost's Valuables Pouch At a set rate
  • - Ghost's Secret Fund (1~ 100 Gold)
  • - Orange Swag Pumpkin Cap (Unlimited)
  • - Closet Ghost (Unlimited)
  • - Artistic Goblin (Minion) (7 Days)
  • You will get one of the above.
Ghost's House Document 100%

Exchange for Ghost’s Eerie House (x50 is needed)

Can be exchanged at NPC Storyteller Kathy’s Event Store.

Garnet At a set rate
Goddess's Lament At a set rate