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  • Tis The Season Of Giving At Althea!
    20181207_DNSeasonOfGiving_news.png (580×147)

    Kickstart the ho-ho-holidays with us! From 12 – 18 Dec 2359HRS (CET), simply spend 5,000CC every day during the event period to enjoy additional rewards from us! 

    20181207_DNSeasonOfGiving_img1.png (600×590)
    20181207_DNSeasonOfGiving_img2.png (600×320)
    20181207_DNSeasonOfGiving_img3.png (600×320)


    (GM)Punch spends 50,000CC on 12 December and 13 December. He then spends 5000CC every day from 14 December to 18 December during
    Team Dragon Nest on: 11/Dec/2018 Read more
  • service maintenance on 12 December

    Dear Players,

    There will be a scheduled service maintenance on 12 December 2018 starting from 0300HRS CET.

    The game service will be unavailable during this time and is expected to be resumed by 0800HRS CET.

    We strongly recommend that you log out of the game before the stipulated time to avoid any item
    Team Dragon Nest on: 11/Dec/2018 Read more
  • Forum Temporary Closure For Revamp On 18 Dec
    Posted Image

    Dear Players,

    Do note that our Cherry Credits forum will be undergoing some changes this coming 18 Dec 2018. Existing forum threads will no longer be accessible once the new forum is ready. If you have any threads that you would like to backup/copy, kindly do so before 17 Dec 2018 to prevent loss of
    Team Dragon Nest on: 10/Dec/2018 Read more
  • Get more than just Christmas Joy!
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    The joy that comes with gift giving isn’t the only thing you will receive this Christmas in Althea! From 8 December 0000HRS to 9 December 2359HRS (CET), get your hand on 1 set of a “2016 Christmas Costume Package” of your choice for every 50k CC spent. Your chance to partake in the joy of giving
    Team Dragon Nest on: 07/Dec/2018 Read more
  • Convert Your Items For The Ultimate Boost! [Conversion Costumes] [Updated]

    news-archh-cc.png (580×147)

    The Dragon Box has a special treat for you this December and it’s giving your Conversion Costumes some lovin’! Simply get your hands on a Conversion Item and you’re ready to follow the steps below to get started on giving your Conversion Costumes the stats they deserve:

    1) Head down to the [Magical
    Team Dragon Nest on: 05/Dec/2018 Read more
  • Stay Busy With Our December Bonus Event!
    20181130_DN_DecBonus_News.png (580×147)

    Stay busy this school holidays with these awesome bonus events planned just for you! 

    20181130_DN_DecBonus_img1.png (600×326)
    20181130_DN_DecBonus_img2.png (600×326)
    20181130_DN_DecBonus_img3.png (600×326)
    20181130_DN_DecBonus_img4.png (600×326)
    20181130_DN_DecBonus_img5.png (600×326)
    20181130_DN_DecBonus_img6.png (560×880)

    Terms and Conditions

    • The event will start on 8 December 0000HRS and end on 31 December 2359HRS.
    • Rewards are credited via Special Storage.
    Rewards for the Forest Dragon challenge will be credited on 3 January
    Team Dragon Nest on: 05/Dec/2018 Read more
  • Have Yourself A Christmas Challenge!
    20181203_DN_DecMonthlyChallenge_news.png (580×147)

    They say it’s the season of giving… we say why not give yourself a challenge? From 5 Dec – 31 Dec 2359HRS (CET), celebrate the joy of Christmas with the 4 challenges stated below and snag special rewards for yourself upon successful completion of the whole event

    Rewards for completing all 4 of the
    Team Dragon Nest on: 05/Dec/2018 Read more
  • Celebrate Christmas with Dragon Nest EU!

    Make a date with us for Christmas! All our towns decked out in Christmas decor and our NPCs will change into their holiday costumes too!

    Quest Details

    1. Event Quest
    Level Requirements: 95
    Quest NPC: Storyteller Kathy

    2. How to Participate
    Kathy says Santa is having a hard time trying to make gift

    Team Dragon Nest on: 05/Dec/2018 Read more
  • Get into the Christmas mood at the Cash Shop!
    20181203_DN_CashShopDec_news.png (580×147)

    Winter is coming, so stay warm and fuzzy with chic Christmas treats at the Cash Shop this month! Pssst… we’re holding a special Cash Shop sale too on selected items up to 70% off! Talk about putting the merry in your Christmas! 

    Monthly Costume – 2018 Christmas Costume Theme
    Snuggle up in this chic
    Team Dragon Nest on: 04/Dec/2018 Read more
  • Get Fishin’ To Be The Legend Of The Sea!
    20181204_DN_DecFishing_news.png (580×147)

    Tired of hunting? Fishing event is back! Who will become the [Legend of the Sea] who catches the most fishes this time?

    20181204_DN_DecFishing_img1.png (500×300)
    20181204_DN_DecFishing_img2.png (500×300)
    20181204_DN_DecFishing_img3.png (500×300)

    Saint Haven East Gate ▶ Bonus Island Fishing Ground
    Saint Haven West Gate ▶ Bonus Island Fishing Ground
    Saint Haven South Gate ▶ Bonus Island Fishing Ground

    What Is Sea
    Team Dragon Nest on: 04/Dec/2018 Read more

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