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Risk your Sanity in The Dark Banquet (Hardcore Mode)!

Team Dragon Nest on:05/Apr/2017
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Despite its name, the Chaos Opening has remained a peaceful place for a long time – until now. An Abyss Sign, one unlike anything that anyone has ever seen before has manifested itself and released minions to wreak havoc and hold feasts of darkness.

Just like a cancer, with every banquet held – evil grows and deepens the Goddess’ nightmare.

Delve into darkness itself to crash their party, but be warned as terror awaits even the bravest of Heroes! Do you dare risk your sanity for glory? Blood for reward? Then come with an empty stomach and be prepared to get your fill! Bon appetit!


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Entry Level

At least Lv93

Party Size

1-2 players

Weekly Clear Limit

3 times

Resurrection Limit

Resurrection is not allowed


Remote Quest -> [Lv93] Invitation to Dark Banquet


Saint Haven -> Garden of Time and Space (Lv93) -> Dark Banquet Entrance Gate

*Press U to open the quest window and click ‘Remote Quest’ tab at the top and click on the quest to receive it.

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• Your HP and MP are recovered when normal floor is cleared
• Your HP and MP are recovered and dead players will resurrect when boss floor is cleared
• When all players die, dungeon play will end

Player stats are balanced in this dungeon. You cannot use Heroes and potion items.


• 1st Treasure Chest: Clear Boss Floor (Level 4)
• 2nd Treasure Chest: Clear Boss Floor (Level 7)
• 3rd Treasure Chest: Clear Boss Floor (Level 11)
• Last Treasure Chest: Clear Boss Floor (Level 12)


When you enter Normal Floor, you will enter a random dungeon among 2 dungeons. Dungeon clear count will be taken when you clear 4F.

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• Attribute Talisman is a durational Talisman of different grades -- Low Grade (3 Days), Medium Grade (7 Days), and High Grade (30 Days).
• They can be traded in pouch state and cannot be traded once the pouch is opened.

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