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Team Dragon Nest on:05/Apr/2017
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There’s something for every style in April, whether electrifying, elegant or exotic – the Cash Shop has got you covered! 

Egyptian Style Monthly Costume
Want to flaunt the high life? Then your wardrobe isn’t complete till you flaunt your taste of the exotic by getting this look!

content-apr2017-cashshop-01.png (520×368)

The Epic Costume [Update]
If you thought that the Epic Costume set was epic before, wait get your hands on its update! 

content-apr2017-cashshop-02.png (520×362)

Get that look!

content-apr2017-cashshop-03.png (374×425)

Dragon Box April Update

This Dragon Box Update is all about the elegance, so don’t miss your chance to feel the style move through you in April’s Dragon Box! 

content-apr2017-cashshop-04.png (490×413)

content-apr2017-cashshop-05.png (490×353)
content-apr2017-cashshop-06.png (490×324)
content-apr2017-cashshop-07.png (490×324)

Bathing Cat Spirit
content-apr2017-cashshop-gif.gif (600×600)

Pop by the Cash Shop today!