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Game Patch (Completed on 2 Aug)

Team Dragon Nest on:01/Aug/2017

Game service resumed at 0950HRS CEST. Happy Gaming!

[Update at 0825HRS] The maintenance will be extended till 1100HRS due to technical difficulties.

Dear Players,

There will be a Game Patch on 2 August 2017 starting from 0400HRS CEST.

The game service will be unavailable during this time and is expected to be resumed by 0900HRS CEST.

We strongly recommend that you log out of the game before the stipulated time to avoid any item loss.


  • New Character: Ray Mechanic
  • Rune Dragon Practice Mode

  • Dragon Hunting Day (2nd August ~ 6th September)

  • 2017 Summer Event

Cash Shop Updates

  • Billionaire Costume Package
  • Ray Mechanic Costume
  • King of Flower Costume Package Resale
  • Epic Costume - Racing

  • Summer Swimwear Costume
  • 2011 Swimwear of Summer Costume

Dragon Box Updates

  • Karahan Transformation Wing / Tail / Decal
  • Karahan Spirit
  • Karahan Hero
  • Karahan Weapon Exchange Coupon
  • Karahan Necklace
  • Fantasy Pegasus Mount

  • Sweet Song of the Sea Wing / Tail / Decal
  • Crazy Duck Spirit on Vacation
  • Demolition S70 (Metallic White)

  • Skill and Hotkey reset for Elementalist, Seleana and Glaciana

Bug Fixes
  • Missing NPC Mysterious Casket issue have been resolved
  • Divine Vengeance and Armour Break slow motion issue resolved
  • Overwhlem not dealing damage issue resolved
  • Overtaker not consuming bubbles and not dealing damage issue resolve

Ray Mechanic Skills

  • Multiflexer : Shoots 7 Plasma Lasers to the front.
  • Dynamic Laser : Shoots lasers to the front.
  • Flick : Throws a Plasma Energy Blade to the front. The blade slowly moves forward when it hits enemies and shoots shards at nearby enemies.
  • Atomic Blade : Creates an Atomic Blade that slashes enemies in front. After using the skill, enter [Normal Attack Button] to additionally slash a wide area in front.
  • Resonator : Throws a [Plasma Ball] in front. The ball moves forward while pulling nearby enemies towards the center of the ball. The ball grows larger as time passes, increasing its attack area and attack power and creates a huge explosion at the end
  • Satellite Beam : Determines a target location and shoots laser. The laser remains for some time at the location
  • Plasma Grenade : Throws Plasma Energy at enemies which leaves a ball of energy behind. The energy ball constantly pulls enemies and explodes after some time.
  • Electronic Spanner : Summons a Plasma Spanner to strike enemies.
  • Generation Field : [Dynamic Laser] is changed to [Dynamic Vulcan] and [Atomic Blade] is changed to [Enhanced] Atomic Blade and the attack power for main skills increases.
  • Singularity : Shoots a Plasma Bomb in front which is separated into 5 energy balls. Each ball remains for some time after spreading out. The ball explodes when it is hit with [Dynamic Laser], [Electronic Spanner], or [Sudden Spanner] and creates [Generation Field] at the current location.
  • Atomic Shield : Creates a barrier in front that blocks enemy's attacks. Slashes an area in front when [Guard] is successful.
  • Plasma Boost : Cooldown time of [Mechanic] and [Ray Mechanic] skills except [Satellite Beam] are reduced.
  • Flip Flop : Can be used by entering [Jump] button while using a skill. The character pushes enemies in  front away and retreats.
  • Quicks : Enter [Normal Attack Button] when hit to leave a bomb behind that stuns enemies and retreat.
  • Sudden Spanner : Can be used by entering [Normal Attack Button] during [Tumble]. Summons a Plasma Hammer to attack enemies.
  • Core Drop : Can be use by entering [Special Attack Button] during [Tumble]. Leaves a small Plasma Core at the current location. The magnetic field gathers enemies at the center. The Core explodes when it is hit accurately with [Dynamic Laser] or [Electronic Spanner]
Ray Mechanic
  • Alfredo Frontier : Summons and rides on Alfredo. Uses up all [Electricity] when the skill is used. Some of Mechanic and Ray Mechanic's skills will be change to [Ride] Skills.
  • Dynamic Vortex : This skill requires [Electricity]. Shoots a beam that pierces through enemies. Hold [Normal Attack Button] to continue shooting for some time and the beam grows bigger and attack power increases as time passes. Creates an explosion at the end and flies to the back
  • Plasma Mastery : Gain [Electricity] when you learn this skill
  • Battle Boost (A) : Increase own Attack Power
  • Battle Boost (B) : Reduces all received damage
  • Speed Up (A) : Increase own Action Speed
  • Speed Up (B) : Increases own Movement Speed
  • Enhanced Critical (A) : Increases own Critical Rate
  • Enhanced Critical (B) : Increases own Critical Damage
  • Enhanced Alfredo Frontier (A) : Cooldown time of [Alfredo Frontier] is reduced
  • Enhanced Alfredo Frontier (B) : Has 5% more chance of reducing the cooldown time of [Alfredo Frontier] due to [Class Mastery 2] when main skills hit enemies
  • Class Mastery 1 : Gain [Atomic Energy] when you learn this skill
  • Class Mastery 2 : Has a chance to reduce the cooldown time of [Alfredo Frontier] when main skill hits enemies
[Manual Patch Version 200 to 201]