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Brighten up your wardrobe!

Team Dragon Nest on:13/Jun/2018
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Autumn is here, so walk the runway looking classy! Boldly show off your style with June’s Cash Shop Collection this June!

Monthly Costume – Class Costume Theme
There is more than one way to stay classy and this June – there are three.
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Partial Hair Dye
Top off your look with an outstanding hair-do! 
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Dragon Box
Take on a persona that you never knew you wanted until NOW. Take a look at what we’ve got in store in the latest Dragon Box!

Persona of Saintess Accessories
Accessories make-th Adventurer. 

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Magical Dandelion Spirit (Growth Type) 
With three different transformations, there’s a form for everyone to appreciate!

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Pure Light Weapon Exchange Coupon
The power of light is back and it’s not here to play! 

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Lucid Mythical Guardian Medallion (Argenta Mount)

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Need a beast that reflects the ferocity of your soul? Mount a challenge on all that stands in your way with the Silver Dragon’s personal favourite. 

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