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Dragon Nest is a 3D action RPG, based on the 'Eternity' engine, enabling the implementation of very vivid graphics. It is a next-gen action RPG whose gameplay seeks to focus on quick and dynamic action.

Creation of the World

Desmodeus, ruler of the Gods, ordered the two goddesses Althea and Vestinel to each create a world. Althea created the bright, beautiful world of Althea and all of its population: the dragons, the ancients, the elves, and the humans. She also created the Ancient Dragon and the Chaos Dragon maintain order.

Nightmare of the Goddess

Desmodeus was very pleased with the world of Althea. Vestinel soon became jealous and poisoned her sister Althea with the poison of corruption - a poison so potent, it could destroy a goddesses' soul. Desmodeus saved Althea by letting her fall into a deep slumber and Vestinel fled to a place where Desmodeus' power could not reach her.

The Ancients' War

As Vestinel's corruption seeped into Althea, it also spread into her world. The ancients became selfish and greedy and some of them started to perform forbidden magic to make Althea's power their own. Althea's nature was contaminated and the elven race started to suffer from disease and many deaths. Finally, war broke out between the ancients and the elves.

Appearance of the Beyond Dragon and the death of the Ancient Dragons

The ancients' forbidden experiments eventually led up to the collapse of Althea's barrier. The evil Beyond Dragon broke into Althea and started to destroy the world. The Ancient and the Chaos Dragon tried their best to stop him. However, the Chaos Dragon was contaminated during the battle. Despite the bond the two of them shared, the Ancient Dragon fought against the Chaos Dragon and finally killed him to save the world of Althea. The two dragons disappeared from Althea, but the fragments of their power remained buried in the ground and, as time passed, new dragons were born from them.

The appearance of the Sage

Although the ancients suffered from the Beyond Dragon, the war continued. The corrupted ancients created the ‘Black Dragon’, a war machine built from dragon fragments. However, it became too strong and went out of control. The ancients’ powers dwindled and eventually Althea plunged into a state of desperation and danger. One day, a sage arrived in a human city. He introduced himself as a descendant of the ancients and claimed to have received a divine revelation from the Goddess. He taught Marion and Jacob spell magic, so that humans could protect themselves against the darkness.

The Sage's prophecy and death

Day by day, the humans’ knowledge of magic became stronger. The Black Dragon wanted to stop it and tried to kill the Sage. In that battle, the Sage inflicted a severe injury upon the black dragon, forcing him to hide and secretly recover. Despite the Sage's victory, he succumbed to his own injuries. Before his death, he predicted 3 things: There will be a conflict between two of his pupils, the age of darkness would soon dawn upon everyone and lastly, he predicted the appearance of the ‘Prophet’. He predicted the arrival of the prophet during the age of darkness and proclaimed she would be a genuine descendant of the Ancients.

The resurgence of the Black Dragon

The Black Dragon hid away for a long time to recover from his wounds. As soon as it healed away, he continued where he left off and corrupted the world with his dark power. The world of Althea faced another crisis. Although the humans tried to carry on, the threat of the Black Dragon became worse every day.

The First Dragon Raid

Elves started to re-establish diplomatic relations with the human kingdom, in order to save the world. Archer Nerwin, Sorceress Karacule, Warrior Barnac, Cleric Teramai and Loyal knight Velskud became leaders of the dragon slayers. Amongst them there was also a knight with outstanding skills and looks, known as Geraint.
They participated in the black dragon raid and finally knocked him down. Unfortunately, Velskud died in the battle, Nerwin and Karacule suffered from the aftereffect and could never fully recover. Meanwhile, Teramai went back to Saint Haven and the Dragon Slayer’s members were all scattered. Regardless, the legend of the first dragon raid is still being told up to this day. Many adventurers dream about the heroes and poets dream about the legendary tale.

The Birth Star and the First Star

About 10 years ago, a twinkling star rose from the northern sky. The appearance of the star meant the ‘Prophet’ had been born. At the same time in the northern part of the continent, a family left home heading far away, in order to avoid monsters and village people. It is not known where the family went. But recently, the second star that sage talked about also rose from the sky. It was the ‘First star’. People who had heard about the sages’ prediction expected the prophet to rise and save the world. But to the contrary, monsters became more brutal and vicious. People shivered from fear and a group of clerics secretly left for Mana Ridge.


The charismatic dragon slayer 'Every step you take will pave the way for those following in your footsteps.' One day, a courageous and noble man called Geraint appeared out of nowhere to lead the greatest warriors of Althea into the battle against the black dragon. Not only did he have astonishing sword fighting skills but also a vast knowledge of magic and heraldry. Everyone was in awe of his bravery and strength, until they were forced to witness the mystery of his true nature and turned away from him. Ever since this moment, he disappeared and has not been seen again.


The most ambitious knight from Saint Haven’s royal guard 'The only law I bow to is my own justice.' Velskud is the reserved son of a minor noble family who joined the Saint Haven's Royal Guard at a very young age. Due to his excellent swordsmanship, he quickly ascended the ranks and eventually became the captain of the Saint Haven's Royal Guard. He disappeared after having followed Geraint into the battle against the black dragon and he is rumored to have sacrificed himself to save the others.


The leader of the Silver Moon Crescent 'Telezia is calling for me.' She was a special emissary from Anu Arendel. Nerwin contributed much to the re-establishment of the diplomatic relations between the elven and human kingdoms. After the Dragon Raid, she returned home and ascended the throne of Anu Arendel as the new elven queen Narsillia.


The leader of the Dark Tower Magic Institute 'I will teach you a lesson in power.' Karacule met Archer Nerwin in the Lotus Marshes and followed her to Saint Haven. In the Dragon Raid, she was the bravest of all sorceresses of the Dark Tower Magic Institute. Nowaydays, she can only be found in her laboratory, performing strange experiments. No one knows why she chose exile over a normal life with other people.


The leader of the Temple Knights 'What we need now is justice, not mercy.' Teramai met Geraint by chance, in Saint Haven. He was very impressed by Geraint's charisma and decided to join the Dragon Raid with his Temple Knights. Rumour has it, he is the youngest person to have been raised to papacy after the Dragon Raid.


The leader of the warriors 'Bring it on!' Barnac is a warrior hero who led a group of warriors into battle during the Black Dragon Raid. Today's Adventurer Guild was built by his followers. He is an impetuous but also upright person, but mysteriously disappeared after the Black Dragon Raid.