Beginner's Guide

This guide will help you to download the game and provide you an overview of the game's basic movement and combat controls.

Before you can play Dragon Nest,you need to download and install the game.

  • game_download
    1. Choose 'Game Download '
    Click 'Game Download‘ in the GAME menu tab on the main website. Alternatively, click below to be redirected there.
  • select_game_client
    2. Select your preferred mode of download
    Click to start the download and the install process.
  • end_user_agreement
    3. Accept the End USer Agreement
    Click on 'Agree' to contiune
  • installation_path
    4. Install Dragon Nest Europe
    Choose a location on your system to install the game and click on 'Install'.
  • install_game
    5.Finish installing the game
    After the installation has finished, click the 'Dragon Nest Europe' icon.
  • launch_game
    6. Launch the game
    Click 'Start' in the game launcher.
  • login
    7. Log in to your account
    Log in to your acccount
  • select_server
    8. Select a server
    Select a server and click 'Connect'
  • create_character
    9. Create a character
    If you have never played Dragon Nest EU before, the character creation screen will open.
  • start_playing
    10. Enter the game and start to play
    Select your newly created character and press the 'Start' button.